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Pagham Birder: The Blog

A regular account of the birds seen mainly on and around Pagham Spit, the Lagoon and the North Wall plus other birding exploits from time to time.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I am always amused when watching Brent Geese washing...they are very thorough, often turning upside down.
Washing procedures...legs in the air!

A sizeable flock of Golden Plover is now present in the harbour ...
...often on the move
and very often undecided where to settle.

..but looking so good when they do...often distant though!
Up again in the late afternoon.
That's it for today.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


A visit to the Spit hide with the 'big' lens enabled a few shots of the two Spoonbills out in the middle of the harbour.....they were very active and after preening were displaying....not sure whether aggressively or otherwise!

They are elegant birds and I couldn't resist taking lots of photos .Just a pity they weren't a lot closer to get some good quality pictures.Photographers are never satisfied.

Possibly ringed in Hungary.

Just look at those outspread wings and those rings !!

A fabulous bird..
...and nearby Greater Black Backed Gull...another ringed bird

Curlew on the mud....pondering.

..and on my return a Meadow Pipit in the 'old 'Pagham Spit car park...I liked the knotty wood!

Friday, November 14, 2014

At last, the rain and wind has relented....

..and I was able to get out!

 There was little of real excitement to get the adrenolin racing but Kestrels are always good to photograph!

 As I wandered down the east side of the harbour along the shoreline my attention was caught by the distinctive flight of a pair of Ruddy Shelducks...

They eventually settled down with the 'common' Shelducks

Canada Geese on the Breach Pool
...and a sleepy Great Crested Grebe on the the Lagoon.
Little else of note but a flock of Lapwing was joined by 30-40 Grey Plover over the harbour.

On my final walk of the day  around the spit, in the late afternoon, a pair of Stonechats were fly catching from a bush...light too poor to capture.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Late departure...for one bird.

The first frost of least on the car but not on the grass.

As I looked out at just before sunrise at 7.00am a Kingfisher flew along the channel and alighted on the revetment rocks.

Very soon the sun was up and I was out....cold but clear.

...and then surprisingly a lone House Martin flew west at quite a height...a very late departure...I hope he makes it to Africa.

From the Spit hide I could make out a group of gulls way out in the middle of the harbour and one bird looked suspiciously like a Spoonbill...I couldn't be sure as I didn't have a 'scope but on returning home checked my very long distance photo on the p.c.....yep a Spoonbill. Hence a very poor record shot, heavily cropped....nevertheless identifiable.

After a bright morning the weather deteriorated,clouded over but warmed up slightly.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Magical Morning....along the North Wall

A real autmn morning.....cold and misty.
Few birds initially but very atmospheric...

A few Greenshanks calling, Snipe flying over and the Brents 'talking' to each other as they fly to their feeding grounds....wonderful sights and sounds.
 Back along the spit a little later and  the sun had broken through the mist and the morning was warm and pleasant...
A pair of Wigeon mingled with a juvenile Brent goose

A Red Admiral enjoying feeding on the ivy.

A single Common Gull surrounded by Black Headed cousins!
A couple of Black Headed Gulls on a roof....notice both are ringed...the one on the left dancing for joy!
Unfortunately the weather changed dramatically in the afternoon and heavy rain moved in.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The early morning sun quickly disappeared behind thick only lasted a few minutes. It certainly shone a spotlight on the old 'local nature reserve' sign. The RSPB  are a little slow in replacing this one... I don't believe the Spit is a high priority!

 On my way to try and locate the reported Snow Bunting I noted this Cormorant fishing close to the bank on the Lagoon.

Keeping a close eye on me.
Later in the day the sun reappeared and I tried yet again to locate the Snow Bunting...again unsuccessfully. However as I made my way to the North Wall I did spot a distant Ruddy Shelduck.
It was way out so a very heavy crop...the bird had a severe limp.
As I made my way along Whites creek I tried to get a few shots of the 'usuals' .....
Black Tailed Godwit

Drake Wigeon.

Grey Plover with worm

This one didn't come out quite so easily!

Another look for the Snow Bunting later in the day but still 'no joy'.
Brent Geese flying from the harbour to the Lagoon.
...and finally a Curlew in the late afternoon sun.
 Tomrrow is another day....perhaps a Snow Bunting Day!

Monday, October 27, 2014

No sign of the Dartford Warbler today. A great pity in view of the much improved conditions....lightwise. I also  missed a Short Eared Owl according to visiting birder Tim who was up and about before me this morning.
Wall to wall sunshine all day but a visit to the North Wall was not very productive. Highlight perhaps, was a Clouded Yellow butterfly...
The usual selection of birds were present but somehow photographs were few and far between and
my hopes of a really good photography day did not come up to scratch. However here are a few...
Goldfinch....taken in trhe garden before I set out!

Reed Bunting along the North wall

Stonechat...there were a total of six Stonechats between the Little Lagoon and Church Farm.

Wrens are always good to see!

Redshanks are always on the look out

...and are the first wader to take flight when disturbed! there we have it...a pleasant day but nothing to get the adrenalin rushing!