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A regular account of the birds seen mainly on and around Pagham Spit, the Lagoon and the North Wall plus other birding exploits from time to time.
Any news of interest regarding the ongoing erosion problems on Pagham Beach will, from now on, be shown on my other blog together with general beach photos.. Click on the link... Pagham Beach Blog on this page.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back to reality!

After 2 weeks in Mallorca visiting one of Europes prime bird reserves and photographing species rarely seen in the UK it is back to Pagham! Since my previous blogs things have changed on the birding front and we are into the breeding season. The Little Terns have returned and Common Terns are much in evidence. Ringed Plovers are nesting on the shingle and Linnets are taking up home in the gorse (at least 4 pairs).Skylarks have established territories and a MeadowPipit was prospecting yesterday.
...and oh yes the photo! It is a male Little Bittern that I was lucky enough to find in the S'Albufera showed up for about 7 seconds so I had to be quick!
Incidentally on return from holiday my computer went into total meltdown and I have lost dozens of precious images taken earlier in the year...another hard lesson to learn about backing up regularly.
Its no good getting upset; whats done is done. A good excuse to get out and get that shutter've got to remain positive!!

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