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A regular account of the birds seen mainly on and around Pagham Spit, the Lagoon and the North Wall plus other birding exploits from time to time.
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day

As we had friends arriving for lunch I wanted to ensure yesterdays birds were 'showing' well so I decided to have a quick walk round my patch to make sure! The Mediterranean Gulls were present but there was no sign of the Avocets. I arrived at the Little Lagoon to find a couple of birders 'scoping the pool and quickly ascertained that they had 'got' the Purple Sand...that's good as I could at least show my visitors this (for them) new 'tick'. We chatted about various birding things, as birders do and I learnt, amongst other snippits of information, about their experience of finding a Sardinian Warbler in Norfolk many years ago, and parted company.
A quick look at New Island for the resident Peregrine and yes, he was finising off a meal...Peregrines are always nice to show visitors.
As I was checking the gulls and waders I was suddenly aware of a pair of eyes looking at me from just the other side of the sea wall... a seal... another nice sight for visitors!
I wandered back along the beach and then checked that the Purple Sandpiper was still in position...had another chat with a birder directing him also to the sandpiper and headed for home...reasonably satisfied.
Our visitors duly arrived and we had a leisurely lunch before setting out along Pagham spit to see the 'special'birds. By 3.30 the light wasn't brilliant, there was no sign of the Purple Sandpiper or the Peregrines or the Seal or the Avocets or the Diver but there was a Redshank and a Teal and of course Brent Geese...and they I think enjoyed their birding walk despite my disappointment of not being able to show off some of Pagham Spits' specials!

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Frank said...

Good to meet & chat with you today. The Purple Sandpiper was a lifer (and on the 1st) for me. Couldn't find the Peregrine but did locate a Spotted Redshank for my friends at the North Wall. A good day for everyone even if your vistors didn't get to see some of the specialities. Hope to bump into you again sometime.