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A regular account of the birds seen mainly on and around Pagham Spit, the Lagoon and the North Wall plus other birding exploits from time to time.
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Monday, July 20, 2009

A Peregrine morning.

Waders are a bit thin on the ground still but there are plenty of terns around....mostly Sandwich. There were well over 60 of them fishing in the harbour mouth on Saturday morning but this morning it was the turn of the Peregrine Falcons. As I wandered round the Spit there was the typical gravelly call of a Peregrine and at first I looked across to ther usual spot on Tern Island but soon realised it was coming from above me and looking up saw 5 of these magnificent raptors circling high up and calling!

As I watched, one of the juveniles came low down and shot past me and I fortunately had my camera at the ready!

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Anonymous said...

Super photo!