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A regular account of the birds seen mainly on and around Pagham Spit, the Lagoon and the North Wall plus other birding exploits from time to time.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

A big surprise!

 A pair of Mallards have been visiting our garden during the past week and as I went out of our front door early this morning imagine my surprise at finding the female sitting in our sink garden and  on closer inspection sitting on an egg! She was shuffling about rather nervously as I believe she had only just 'produced'...the male was looking on excitedly!

The Mallards (hardly pedigree! )   

The morning inspection  revealed a pair of Red Legged Partidges calling from the gorse area adjacent to the Little Lagoon. They flew off as I walked along the footpath but seem to have taken up residence on the beach now; Partridges on the beach seem incongrous to me!
 A Ringed Plover objected to my presence and stalked off on my aproach.
  1. She soon settled down on her nest as soon as  I  was out the way 

A Mute Swan seems to have been sitting on a shallow nest on New Island in the middle of the harbour during the past week. She has been quite difficult to see but this morning she half stood up briefly, before settling down again. She was there last year at about the same time but was not succesful in raising a family. Lets hope for better things this time....older and wiser perhaps!

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