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A regular account of the birds seen mainly on and around Pagham Spit, the Lagoon and the North Wall plus other birding exploits from time to time.
Any news of interest regarding the ongoing erosion problems on Pagham Beach will, from now on, be shown on my other blog together with general beach photos.. Click on the link... Pagham Beach Blog on this page.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

It's November!

Following a report a few days ago that a Slavonian Grebe had been seen on the Lagoon I set out this morning to have a look myself. It was a typical November misty, even foggy morning and having spotted the bird at quite close range I decided it was worth a photo so hurried back to 'base' to collect the camera but meanwhile  a dog walker had spooked it and it was way out in the middle...hopeless...see above!

A few Reed Buntings were present and one landed in a bush not too far away....

Later in the day I wandered down to the Lagoon as the light had improved...yes, it was there, in the sunlight so back for the camera...but on returning the clouds had rolled in and it had again drifted into the middle of the Lagoon. A few shots but at 800 a bit noisy after a heavy crop.
A better shot, but not good!

There's always tomorrow. I did however, meet Tim from Bedford (Leicester, actually), a regular visitor to Pagham who I managed to get confused with someone else and made a complete fool of myself. I'm slightly better at bird I.D. than people I.D...always have been...sorry Tim!!

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